Martha Yohanna

A New Beginning  

My husband and I worked very hard in the farm every year to be sure that by harvest time there was enough to put in storage to take us through the year to the next harvest. We worked hard and planned well. Usually the granaries were overflowing and we could sell the excess in the market.  And I had a little business going to supplement our income; I bought and resold palm oil. We were comfortable and happy, together with our two young sons.


Then, quite unexpectedly, just after the birth or our third child my husband died.To me it was like the end of the world. We had been so happy together; I couldn’t imagine life without Yohanna.I knew it would not be easy. To me it seemed like starting life all over again.


But there was no time to feel sorry for myself. Just after my husband’s burial nomadic Fulani herdsmen in our area attacked our village.They burned, destroyed, looted. We escaped with only the clothes we were wearing. The entire village was displaced. As of now we cannot go back there.

I’m staying with an uncle now, but I know having four extra mouths to feed is not easy for him. That’s why I felt so blessed when EMS of ECWA heard of our plight and sent help in the form of food. But not only that, they have provided me with funds for skills acquisition so that I will be able to work and care for my three children.


I am putting my hope in Christ to keep me faithful and make we worthy of the trust EMS and her supporting partners has put in me. Please pray for me and for my children as I struggle to nurture them without the support of Yohanna. 


It’s not the end of the world for me after all.   It’s a new beginning, and I pray I will be found faithful.

                                                                  -- Martha Chirnan Yohanna (25), Jema’a, Kaduna State


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